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There are at least 2 different bands called Call.

1) A Pakistani rock band
2) An Austrian goth/darkwave band

1) Call is a pakistani rock band consisting of 4 member. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (lead guitarist/vocals);otherwise known as Xulfi, Junaid Khan on Vocals, Mohammad Sultan Raja (Bass/Rhythem Guitar), and Ken Xeerick (Session Drummer). Call is considered to be in the alternative rock genre. If you like Entity Paradigm, linkin park, will really like Call. Songs like Wujud, Kuch Naheen, Kismet, etc really bring out the heavy metal side of the band. They are heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Creed, and Iron Maiden.

Call was originally formed by Danish J. Khan, Khurram J. Khan, Xulfi and Omer Pervaiz. The vocalist, Danish J. Khan left in 2001 and the band was disbanded. However, the band reformed in 2002 and after a few line-up changes, released their debut album, Jilawatan in late 2005. In September 2002, Khurram Jabbar Khan, being a core member, returned from the United States to revive Call. Khurram and Xulfi got together and auditioned for new band members and decided that this would be an urdu project. They found Junaid’s voice to befitting for the band’s musical direction and recruited him as the band’s vocalist. Soon Sunny was chosen to be on lead guitar, Usman Nasir on rhythms and Sultan Raja (Xulfi’s student) on bass. Khurram joined in on drums.

The band’s first single, Nishaan was released through various Pakistani music websites and gained widespread fame. It went on to top the charts and also won the band its first award: Best Rock Song at the Band Baja Awards 2003. Indus Music made a live video of the song which was to be exclusively aired on the channel itself. Call then came up with a second single titled Pukaar, which came with a promotional video directed by Xulfi, eventually won the Indus Music Award for the Best Alternative Rock Song. The band then released an unplugged song titled Kaash.

Soon Khurram had to part roles with the band because he had to run Jilawatan Productions, the company which used to manage EP, Jal, Call and Roxen (band). Eventually Sunny and Usman left the band as well. The band said that Usman didn’t deserve to be in any band and was only there because of his brother, Sunny. Sunny, who was the real musical contributor, couldn’t contribute to the band due to his job and thus had to leave the band.

Khurram was replaced by Waqar of EP and Xulfi took Sunny and Usman’s place. A new single was released and was accompanied by a video directed by Xulfi. The song was titled Shayad and topped the charts.


2) According to their record label, Call are "an exploding mixture somewhere between Electric-Industrial, Gothic and erotomanic soundworks, unveil the synthesis of good and bad of human inner life, a bareness of desires exhibited to the outside world. Beats and sequences broken through by ecstatic, dominant vocals of CALL´s female partner Petra combine to a bizarre cocktail of lust and pain".

Top Tracks

sab bhula kai 1

sab bhula kai

Shayad 2


bichar kai bhee 3

bichar kai bhee

kaash 4


Love In Chains 5

Love In Chains

Laaree Chootee 6

Laaree Chootee

Nishaan 7


Soch 8


Pukaar 9


The Walls Came Down 10

The Walls Came Down

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