Diddy Helps Shyne Return To The United States As A Diplomat

August 19, 2021

According to Baller Alert, Shyne was recently granted a Visa in order to meet with US senators and congressmen across the country to establish new relationships between Belize and the US, as he now serves as a member of the Belizean House of Representatives and the leader of the opposition party. P Diddy Revolt has footage of Shyne's return to the United States, and when asked how it feels to be back in America, the politician said, "It feels great. It feels great to be in America representing Belize." In the video, Shyne also discusses how friends like Diddy and Corey Jacobs were instrumental in his ability to build relationships with US politicians, and he is extremely hopeful that he will be able to strengthen the ties between the United States and Belize


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